Behind every great idea are the folks who had it. Our team is obviously super creative and super cool. Meet us

We love our work and awesome coworkers are pretty important. That’s why we created some rituals for us to make work life a bit more personal.


Beer-fueled brainteasers with buddies

Beer-fueled brain teasers with buddies – or as we call it: “Beerbrainatory”. Every Wednesday, our team gathers with selected guests to enjoy some drinks and learn something new. We invite speakers from all sorts of different fields to talk about diverse topics. Discussing it afterwards is obviously more important than the topic itself. So far, we learned about variable fonts, sound branding, second screen, meme culture and other inspiring stuff. It’s food for thought. Speaking of food, we love to share a meal. This is our time to brag about who had the best weekend and have heated discussions about the newest Netflix productions.

Hoods menschen buerohund loop

Two of our teammates need a special introduction: our office dogs Emma and Loop. They simply make the office a better place. Loop is charming as can be, resides in his very own teepee and is just a wonderfully weird circus clown who loves to roll around on rugs. For Emma ball is life, seriously. But she’s also very much into snacks, playing, snuggling, licking feet and being happy go lucky.

Hoods menschen weiterbildung

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” – Pippi Longstocking